Turning right


The Drive4Life instructors ensure that pupils use Mirrors – Signal – Manoeuvre well before turning right 

  • use your mirrors to make sure you know the position and movement of traffic behind you
  • give a right-turn signal
  • approach junction at appropriate speed for the type of junction
  • decide if continue , slowing down or stopping
  • if stopping, take up a position just left of the middle of the road or in the space marked for traffic turning right
  • leave room for other vehicles to pass on the left, if possible.

The Drive4Life instructors will ensure that these steps are followed as pupils find always unduly worry about other vehicle behind or passing on left hand side. Wait until there is a safe gap between you and any oncoming vehicle. Watch out for cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and other road users. Check your mirrors and blind spot again to make sure you are not being overtaken, then make the turn. Do not cut the corner. Take great care when turning into a main road; you will need to watch for traffic in both directions and wait for a safe gap.


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