Applying for your British Provisional Driving Licence

Applying for a Provisional Driving Licence is that first all important step to learning to drive, but before your application there are several criteria to meet and a few boxes that you’ll need to tick.

To begin with you’ll need to be a resident of Great Britain and knowing your National Insurance Number will certainly speed your application. You’ll also need to have utility bills or letters covering 3 years to prove you’ve been a resident in this country and you’ll also need a valid proof of identity, eg passport.

If you’re merely interested in riding around on a moped or quad bike then at the age of 16 you can do this quite easily. However, if your intention is to drive a car then you must be 17. Apply for it nice and early, before your 16th birthday, then you’ll feel like you’ve got things moving.

You’ll need to meet the minimum eyesight requirement too. If you need to wear glasses for distance you will also need them for driving, a quick visit to the optician will put your mind at rest. They will also ask if you have any eye conditions that prevents you from seeing normally.

Your payment of £50 can be paid either by debit or credit card and this should be sent with your completed D1 form.

The whole process is fairly quick and you should in possession of your very first Provisional Licence within 1 week of your application.

Remember, if your looking for driving lessons, a driving instructor will need to see your licence before you can start learning to drive



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