Here at Drive4Life we understand that one of the main things that may be stopping you from learning to drive is the cost of insurance for people aged between 18 – 24 as it is anywhere around £5,000 per year. Although this shouldn’t let this put you off learning how to drive, because you could have your licence after you pass, even if you don’t actually drive for a couple of years. If you were to be the an extra driver on your parents car insurance then you would save a lot of money on your insurance and it would be more affordable although this does mean that the car isn’t officially classed as yours, but you would still have the choice to drive as and when. Now the second way is mostly waiting until you are 25 before you buy your first car, this is because you are then seen as a mature driver and not a “boy-racer”, obviously if you passed your test at 18 and waited until you were 25 before getting a car and insurance then your insurance costs would be a lot lower and they would be the same as what everyone else pays for theirs. At Drive4Life  we recommend that you have some refresher lessons to check and enhance your skills.


Many young people are put off from learning how to drive, due to the costs of insurance and that they’d never be able to afford it, so they think what’s the point? Well if you knew how to drive you could apply for a job where driving is part of job description then your firm would then pay for your insurance for the vehicle you’d be using during company hours. This would show insurance companies that you respect other drivers on the roads and after a few years, when you come to buy your own insurance the costs would be considerably lower than when you looked after passing your test although you would have no “no claims” bonus.


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Are you looking for the ideal driving school in Widnes.  Drive 4 life (or Drive for life as some people call us) are your number one stop for the best Driving School in the Runcorn, Chester & Widnes areas of the North West. We have an extensive track record of first time passers and our pass rate is very high (over 90% with 80% passing first time). We accomplish these great stats by not rushing our learners into their exam. But that doesn’t mean we drag it out longer than what’s needed either, we make sure that our learners have had their required number of lessons and then we ask them if they feel like they’re ready, we teach them the advanced things before the basic things, this allows them to realise why they need to do the basic things and when (U-Turns etc.), this makes the learning curve a little steeper at first, but once they start climbing the curve, it straightens out and the learner knows more than they actually think they know. Things like this along with the routes that we take our learners on are exactly why we are considered the be the number one driving school around the Halton & Cheshire areas.

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