Are you looking for driving lessons in Chester?

Here at Drive4Life (also known as Defensive Driving Limited) we are renowned as the number one driving school in the Cheshire area. Our Driving Lessons in Chester are second to none and with our expertise and knowledge to pass onto our learners, you can be sure that you’ll pass in no time at all! We usually spend a little longer covering the basics, but this is so that when they are fully out on the roads (around halfway through their lessons) they already know how to do most things!

Firstly we teach learners where everything is inside the vehicle and how to work things such as wipers, lights, steering wheel position, seat position, headrest position, wing mirrors, rear mirror, etc. Once the learner feels comfortable with these and understands the theory of finding the bite and pulling off, then it’s time for them to do it themselves. The first lesson is usually 2 hours and mostly covers this. Secondly we cover moving up in gears and braking, once the learner can move up in gears, we teach them to do it quicker so that they already seem like they have been driving for a long time and it’s not just their second lesson!

Next we teach coming down in gears, this is when you brake in 3rd/4th and you need to go down in gear so that you’re not fighting against the gear when driving. This is done because it will already give the learner the skill to slow down for bends, cars pulling out and other obstacles they will be facing on the roads. The next step is left hand turns, because the learner can already move up in gears, move down in gears and brake nicely, turning isn’t the hardest thing in the world for them! Once they’ve mastered left hand turns, it’s time for entering & exiting junctions by turning into them on the left hand side, this is just to boost confidence in left turns and to get them ready for the roads. Right hand turns come after this, along with exiting and entering junctions from the right.

Once these are done, the learner will feel more comfortable on the roads and will be able to progress smoothly. We usually add little extras into the basics, like we will usually teach a learner something in the simplest way possible, then add little extras into it each time they repeat it. This is because we can add the next steps of learning into what they’re already doing, mostly so they won’t panic when told to do something new, as they already know how to do half of it. When learning with us we don’t teach you to be a learner, because what’s the point in that?! We teach you to become a proper driver and people will think you’ve been driving for 10 years or so and not just a couple of months!

If you would like to know more about our Driving Lessons in Chester, or you would like to find out some more information from ourselves, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly! Alternatively if you would like to see what some of our past students have said about our Driving School in Chester, then please click here