TAXI Licence Renewal

Get ready for your Taxi Licence Renewal

TAXI Licence Renewal

What we offer – For anyone looking to pass the test to get their taxi driver licence, or renewal of the licence, Drive 4 Life have many years experience in delivering advanced driver courses for both private and commercial customers.  We offer…

Driving Assessment
Driver Training
Taxi/Private Hire mock testing.

To enable taxi licences to be issued by local authorities, you will have to pass an assessment test.

Questions, Answers & Some Useful Information

If You’re looking to become a Taxi Driver then you will need to pass an assessment, some of the topics which will be on the assessment can be found on the link below;

Become A Taxi Driver

 Taxi Driver FAQ

Cabology Questions


For black cab drivers, knowledge of cab dimensions and wheelchair fitting, (if applicable), are required.