Roundabout Tips

Today at Drive4Life we will be discussing tips when navigating roundabouts on the roads. When coming to a roundabout and you notice that your vehicle is approaching the painted triangle in the road (this means it is the start of the roundabout), you will need to apply the brake to around 10mph and then swap down to 2nd gear. If the right is clear and there are no vehicles approaching from the right hand side of the roundabout, then you may just keep going in the correct lane and come off the roundabout as you would normally do. But if you notice there are cars on the right hand side, switch to 1st gear and creep on the roundabout, a full stop may cause an accident, because the person behind you may not be paying attention to you and may also be reading the roundabout and when they see it’s clear they may just try and go as they would be assuming you would be going too.

If you’re unsure what direction the vehicles are going on the roundabout (whether they’re coming off, or staying on) but they don’t have indicators on, then look at the vehicles wheels as this will let you know what direction they are facing which means what direction the other vehicle is going to take.

When on the roundabout and you’re on the outside lane, make sure you take the angle wide enough to let other vehicles use the inside lane(s), once you’ve passed the exit before the one you’re taking off, indicate the way your going and then increase your speed when coming off the roundabout, this ensures that any vehicles behind you now have a gap in between your vehicle and theirs.

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