Recovering from a Stall

Recovering from a Stall – Advice from Drive4Life’s Pete

Today at Drive4Life we will be talking about recovering from a stall and how to react to one in a safe manner. If you happen to stall the vehicle during your driving test, whatever you do; DO NOT PANIC! The examiner will simply want to see how quickly and safely you get going again within as little time as possible, but in a safe manner that doesn’t endanger you, pedestrians or other road users. If you happen to stall while the car is in 1st, there is no need to put it back into neutral. Leave the car in first and make sure you keep the clutch depressed and put the handbrake on. Then re-start the car as you would when pulling off from parking and away you go. If the car stalls in any other gear, apply the handbrake and select neutral.


The Rev Counter and setting the gas

speedometerThe photo represents the dials in front of the driver in a typical car. The dial on the left is the rev counter and the dial on the right is the speedometer. Set the gas (accelerator) so it reads around 1500 rpm on the rev counter. By giving your engine power in this way before bringing the clutch up will help to prevent stalling the car. Although if you’re pulling off from uphill or you were uphill initially, you will need the revs to be around 2000rpm or you will roll backwards.


Try these techniques in a quiet area so you will feel less stressed from other road users. The key is to taking it in stages until you build up confidence, then if you do stall, you won’t panic and get stressed.


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