Proposed Test Changes

Driving instructors Runcorn and Widnes

Drive4Life are a local driving school which can be found searching on the net under driving instructors Runcorn and/or driving instructors Widnes.

At present there are proposed changes to how the driving tests are done. Firstly, they are proposing to increase the time the pupil has self driving to 20 mins by using a Sat Nav. This is tested out in Worcester area where, if pupils pass the test, then that qualifies them to a full licence.

This will mean that driving instructors Runcorn and Widnes areas will need a Sat Nav to teach pupils how the Sat Nav delivers instructions. There is a skill in understanding these instructions and how the brain processes the information. This will also mean an extra cost for the instructor to purchase a Sat Nav and then to enter appropriate routes for pupils to learn.

So when this is incorporated into the new tests, searching for driving instructors Runcorn or Widnes will find Drive4Life who are ready and willing to accommodate this new procekdure.


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