New driving test

Since the new driving test has been introduced, Drive4Life have had several pupils taking the new test where some passed with ease and a few failed. The Drive4Life instructors ensure that we use the Tom Tom sat nav and displaying to n the dash of our cars similar to the driving test.  Drive4Life don’t use our built sat navs to teach pupils.  ensure that the sat nav is on during the pupil driving even though they are NOT following the sat nav instructions.

At present, the test examiners are using the full twenty minuites of the test using the sat nav for directions and not much following signs. But Drive4Life instructors still teach both methods thoroughly.

The different or new Manuveures incorporated in the new tests were designed to ensure that the pupils show there driving skills for more of test time. This has a positive effect on the pupils lessons as Drive4Life instructors can spend more time getting the pupils driving and losing time teaching awkward Manuveures.

So overall Drive4Life instructors are feeling the benifit of the new test as are our pupils. Drive4Life Instructors believe that the pupils will be better drivers after passing their test as they have had more time driving through different types of traffic senareros.


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