Help and Tips for when you’re doing turns


Today at Drive4Life we will be discussing tips for when you are doing turns on the road. Listed are some tips and advice on how to perfect turns during the driving test.



When you’re initially going through the motions during the test, in the turning situation the examiner will more than likely choose a road crowded with vehicles, to see if you’re able to cope with the pressure of the situation. When you’re going through the motions, other vehicles may become frustrated with your driving methodology and try techniques to either get in front of you, etc. It is highly recommended that you become very familiar with this skill, because it will make it a lot easier on you, to apply the skill under these circumstances. Everyone had to go through this at one point, everyone whose driving with you at that time, remember that, and remember what you’ve been taught, because you have the skills to do it.


When you’re taking your test, you don’t have to be perfect. The invigilator is not expecting you to drive flawlessly. If there’s anything you’re not completely certain on you’re able to perform when doing the test, then we recommend that you do not attempt it. Whenever you’re asked to do a maneuver, if you don’t think you’re able ot perform it, then try doing something similar but would get you through the same situation. This will occur in you getting a minor for the final testing results, but it is better than having a big mistake on the report. You just have to make sure that you don’t do anything dangerous during the test.


There is nothing against what kind of turn you’re doing for the situation, the only thing you have to concern yourself with when going through a turning situation is that you’re doing something that’s safe. You need to be constantly aware of your surroundings, just to make sure you know everything that’s going on, and you’re not going to make a mistake based off of your negligence, rather than your ability. Depending on approaching vehicles, if they want to get ahead of you, make sure that you remain steady until they’ve passed, if they come to halt and allow you to continue, then continue with the exercise.


If you would like more helpful tips like this one, then please keep checking our blog page as new ones are added quite frequently. If you’re unsure on your MSPSL then please check out our MSPSL Explained article. Alternatively if you would like driving lessons and you’re based in Runcorn, Chester or Widnes then please contact us today and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly.


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