Before You Start Learning to Drive – 3 Vital Steps

Before You Start Learning to Drive – 3 Vital Steps


Here at Drive4Life we understand that many of you want to get behind the wheel and start learning how to drive, but there are three steps that you need to complete before you are ready to undertake your practical exam. Follow our easy steps below and get yourself on the road in no time at all:


1) Do you have a provisional licence?

Before you can start driving lessons you must hold a provisional licence. If you don’t already have one you will need to apply for one through the DVLA. You can get an application form from your local post office or apply online at the current fee is £50. You need to be 17 years of age or older to hold a valid provisional car driving licence, but you can apply up to three months before your 17th birthday for the licence to become valid on your 17th birthday. Once you have this, your lessons can begin!


2) Have you passed your theory test?

There are two parts to the driving test. The theory and hazard perception test and the practical driving test. You must pass the theory and hazard perception test before you can apply for the practical driving test.


3) How do you want to structure your driving lessons? You can start practical driving lessons as soon as your provisional driving licence becomes valid. You do not have to pass the theory and hazard perception test first. You may want to learn at your own pace taking driving lessons on a weekly basis. If this is the case you have a number of options –


A. You can pay by the hour as you take the driving lessons, arranging the lessons at times to suit yourself on a weekly basis with your instructor.


B. You can prepay for a block booking of driving lessons, and by doing this you will get a discount on the individual hourly rate. You can still arrange the driving lessons at times to suit yourself, which may be on a weekly basis, or arranged as a quick course (sometimes referred to as intensive courses or fast pass courses).


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