Avoid copycat GOV.UK websites


Drive4Life instructors are concerned about pupils being OVERCHARGED on some copycat websites when booking their driving test.

If you type the names of some popular government services into search engines, some of your search results might be ads for sites that offer a service. You could get this service for free (or for much less) on GOV.UK , the government’s own website.
Some of these copycat websites offer to book theory and practical driving tests, and look like they might be official, but they actually charge a premium for their services.


Some websites charge up to £30.00 for just booking a test, on top of the driving test fee itself
a ‘pass protection’ fee with the promise of a free retest that very few customers actually qualify to use.
Copycat websites don’t let you pick an actual appointment, and don’t give you instant confirmation of your booking.

Save money by using  
GOV.UK is the only official driving test booking website for both theory and practical tests.

Using GOV.UK to book your test:

A car theory test costs £25.00 and a driving test costs £62.00 when booked through the official website;

a) you can save yourself money
b) you pick the exact date and time of your test
c) you get an instant confirmation of your booking

Drive4Life instructors advise you to use GOV.UK to access driving test booking website.


It is perfectly normal to have first driving lessons nerves but be assured that your Drive4Life driving instructor is experienced in dealing with nervous learner drivers and they are expecting you to have those first driving lesson nerves. Drive4Life instructor will be patient and friendly, will not expect too much of you from your first driving lesson and will try their best to put your nerves at ease.

It’s not always about first driving lesson nerves however. Many learner drivers have driving lesson nerves through the majority of their driving course on each and every lesson. This is also perfectly normal too, but your nerves should subside soon after the lesson status. If you are having issues with driving lesson nerves and believe they are impacting your progress, you will need to look at ways to reduce these nerves.

First driving lesson nerves or nerves at the start of each lesson are perfectly normal. If however if they continue throughout each and every lesson, it can impede your ability to make progress and learn. Drive4Life will recognise this quickly and together we will resolve ASAP.

Your Drive4Life instructor will not shout, get angry or irritated when you make mistakes. You are after all a learner. Drive4Life driving instructors make their learners feel relaxed and actually have a great laugh during lesson. If you feel nervous during lessons because you’re afraid of upsetting your instructor, this will need to be resolved.

If your instructor is great, you will then need to establish why you are making yourself nervous. This can of course be for many reasons. The most common being that you are afraid you will cause some kind of accident. Your Drive4Life driving instructor is qualified to teach learner drivers and also has dual controls that will allow them to prevent an accident happening, so this is highly unlikely. Any accidents or tyre damage is covered by the instructors insurance also.

Another frequent reason for driving lesson nerves is learners expecting too much from themselves. Don’t try too hard to do everything perfectly correct on your lessons. Making mistakes is what enables us to learn. Relax, chat and have a laugh with your instructor during your lessons, you will learn far more.

If you feel your Drive4Life instructor is pushing you too hard, resulting in you making too many mistakes, ask them to slow down a little and take things a little easier. It’s also better to take two or three driving lessons per week instead of one lesson. Taking a single lesson per week leaves too much time between lessons, leaving you anxious that you have forgotten everything.

Being slow, impeding other road users and making mistakes is a big issue with learner drivers. Stalling at junctions, traffic lights and roundabouts is a big fear (see how to stop stalling a car). First thing to remember is that you’re a learner, so don’t worry about anyone else, they were a learner once too. Remember also that bringing the clutch up quickly WONT make you go faster, it will make you stall (if you’re driving a manual). Relax and bring the clutch up just as you do on those quiet roads where you don’t stall. Releasing the clutch slowly makes you move off much faster than stalling and you’re not nearly as slow as you think you.