Unlicensed driving instructors

Drive 4 Life is warning learner drivers to ensure that their instructors are properly qualified, after Police roadside checks found some giving lessons were unlicensed.

The Metropolitan Police have said that if people were not taught properly it could impact long-term road safety.

The Driving Standards Agency has undertaken 30 roadside operations since 2011 to target illegal instructors in England, Scotland and Wales.

On average a suspected illegal instructor is reported to it daily.

When searching for Driving instructors Widnes, at Drive 4 Life the instructors are regularly check tested by the Driving Standards Agency and always display their green licence.

When searching for Driving instructors Widnes and Runcorn, you will find Drive 4 Life are committed to eradicate these fraudsters. Unlicensed people do not invest in specialist training or pass required levels of teaching pupils and are basically stealing your money.