Driving Lessons Widnes

Driving Lessons Widnes


Christmas is only a day away which means that the new year is closer than ever. If your new years resolution is to learn how to drive or to start driving lessons then you may be pleased to know that here at Drive4Life we run great driving lessons in the Widnes area. Below is a little bit about our Driving Lessons Widnes:


Driving Lessons Widnes:

Learn to drive with a fully qualified instructor and open all opportunities for both work and pleasure. Covering Runcorn/Widnes and Chester areas, patiently teaching pupils to be safe and confident on all types of roads. You will learn to drive to a level higher than required to pass your test, which is why we have a high first time pass rate.

All types of refresher lessons are available to boost your confidence and therefore enable you to cope with inner city traffic. Motorway lessons are also available specifically for driving at speed and changing lanes. Our Driving Lessons Widnes are second to none and our prices are very competitive, so competitive in fact that the majority of our competitors are left behind in the dust.


If you’d like to know more about our Driving Lessons Widnes, or if you’d like some information from us on our other services etc. then please don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly.

Proposed Test Changes

Driving instructors Runcorn and Widnes

Drive4Life are a local driving school which can be found searching on the net under driving instructors Runcorn and/or driving instructors Widnes.

At present there are proposed changes to how the driving tests are done. Firstly, they are proposing to increase the time the pupil has self driving to 20 mins by using a Sat Nav. This is tested out in Worcester area where, if pupils pass the test, then that qualifies them to a full licence.

This will mean that driving instructors Runcorn and Widnes areas will need a Sat Nav to teach pupils how the Sat Nav delivers instructions. There is a skill in understanding these instructions and how the brain processes the information. This will also mean an extra cost for the instructor to purchase a Sat Nav and then to enter appropriate routes for pupils to learn.

So when this is incorporated into the new tests, searching for driving instructors Runcorn or Widnes will find Drive4Life who are ready and willing to accommodate this new procekdure.

Choosing a driving instructor Runcorn

Driving Lesson in Runcorn

When pupils in Runcorn search for driving instructors locally, they tend to use the search driving instructors Runcorn. They can then be overwhelmed by the amount of driving instructors that cover this area and how they will know the quality of instruction they might obtain.

When entering driving instructors Runcorn, the major driving schools tend to be in sponsored links or near the top of the first page, these major schools are not necessarily the best driving instructors and some are not fully qualified or even have the required experience. Using the search driving instructor Runcorn, Drive 4 Life is on the first page. They are an enthusiastic driving school who teach driving locally, have special offers, gift vouchers and an excellent pass rate.

Some tips for young drivers

Some tips for young drivers


As a part of learning to drive, it’s likely that you will have been taught how to do basic checks on your vehicle – tyre tread and pressure, fluid levels, lights, mirrors and even windows. It’s important that you spend a few minutes each week doing each of these checks in order to avoid a breakdown and drive safely. As a young driver, shopping for car insurance can be a very stressful task, you’re likely to be faced with many unaffordable insurance quotes. Use comparison sites to shop around and you should even consider having a telematics box fitted to bring your premiums down. Further driver training will also bring the costs down.


The law states that you are allowed up to 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood before you are over the drinking and driving levels. However it is impossible to judge how much you can drink and still be under the limit, so try to make sure that even if you’ve only had one can of beer that you’re not driving for a good few hours (until your body sobers up, you may not feel drunk, but your body may be classed as non-sober). Beware of the morning after effect there may still be enough alcohol in your system to land you with a conviction for drink-driving.


It’s inevitable that once you pass your test, you’ll be expected to taxi about groups of your friends. But passengers are known to be one of the greatest disruptions to drivers. Make sure you keep your concentration on the road, rather than on those in the passenger seats.


Learner Drivers are currently not allowed to be on motorways. This means that once they pass, they are faced with the often daunting task of driving on high-speeds on unfamiliar roads. But there is no need to worry about this, the lessons you undertook will arm you with the knowledge and skills to navigate a motorway safely and without breaking any laws. Although you should always remember that you should leave a two second gap between you and the car in front (usually 2-3 road line markings).


The ideal driving school

The ideal driving school


When I was looking for the ideal driving school for me, there was a lot of driving schools who’s prices were quite low but I didn’t jump at the cheapest one that I found. I never went for the cheapest for a number of reasons, firstly my friends had warned me that if I go with a very cheap driving school the instructor may just keep me taking more and more lessons and never allow me to go for my test (so they can get more money from me than what they should have got), I was also warned that the cheapest ones may have bad instructors where they may not turn up for my lessons or they won’t give me the help and support that I need to help me gain my licence.

I heard about Drive 4 Life through one of my friends who had recently passed their test through their lessons. I was told that the instructor knows what he’s doing and won’t keep me in lessons if I’m ready to take my test. I gave them a call and have been on around 10-12 lessons with them already and the instructor has already said that I’m ready for my test and he’ll put me into it whenever I feel like I’m ready. In this short amount of time from having no driving experience the instructor has already led me into being a confident driver and I should be able to pass my test after a couple more lessons, even though he said I’m ready I’m just making sure that I feel like I’m comfortably ready so the nerves won’t kick in on the big day of the exam.

If you are looking for the ideal driving school which won’t force you to stay with them longer than you need and that they’ll give you all the help and support that you need to help you get driving even quicker, then look no further as Drive 4 Life are exactly what you need.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you or if you’d just like a little bit more information on what our lessons involve, then please contact us and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Nervous About Passing Your Driving Test?

So you’ve had a fair amount of lessons and the Theory and your Practical Driving Test are looming fast. It’s all booked and your nerves are kicking in, time to take a deep breath and read on.

Here are some tips to get you prepared:

If possible try to book it when you have no other stresses or major events happening in your life.

Stay calm, don’t rush in to it. The more relaxed you are the more chance you’ll have of success. Your instructor is your guide and he’s certain you’re ready otherwise he wouldn’t have put you in for it, so trust him and more importantly trust yourself, stay positive.

Get your friends to ask you questions if you’re worrying about your Theory Test, then you’ll get the idea of what to expect on the day. Theory Test Pro have some samples so have a go!

Don’t tell your friends or family when you’ve booked your Driving Test otherwise they will insist on filling your head with horror stories about all their failed tests and your nerves will be in tatters.

Try to book the Driving Test as early as possible, preferably morning, there’s nothing worse than sitting around all day worrying about what’s to come.

On the day, relax, be yourself. Don’t expect too much conversation from the examiner, he probably has at least seven other people that day.

And finally make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Don’t be tempted to take tablets or alcohol the day before, your mind needs to be clear and focused. Go out there and prove how good you are, good luck!


Driving Lessons Runcorn

Driving Lessons Runcorn


Did you search for Driving lessons Runcorn.  If the answer is yes then you are at the right place.  Drive 4 Life have a wide range of driving lessons available for all drivers.  These include manual driving lessons, intensive driving lessons, motorway lessons, pass plus courses, and advanced driver and tax driver lessons

All our Driving instructors are registered, checked and assessed regularly by the driving standards agency including a full CRB check. We are always punctual and reliable and term up on time every time for your driving lesson.

Do you live in or nearby Runcorn

All our instructors are local to where you live and will know your nearest DSA test centre and the best roads to practice driving throughout Runcorn and the Halton areas.  You will always have an experienced professional driving instructor with good communication skills, a trusted guide who will help you pass your test as quickly as you are ready.  We provide a door to door service from a location of your choice.

1:1 Private tuition and Driving lesson Guarantee

You will never be expected to drive another pupil home.  Drive 4 Life will ensure that you are given 100% focus and attention on all your driving lessons.  If for any reason you book your driving lesson and your not completely satisfied with your first lesson, we will arrange for you to take another lesson completely free although this must bide by our Terms and Conditions