120 Hours of Driving Practise Before Test Can Be Taken

Drive4Life think that driving practice after learning driving skills is very important. The government is considering the introduction a minimum of 120 hours behind the wheel before learners can take their driving test.

At Drive4Life, we know that “ministers are considering a mandatory minimum learning period to prevent young motorists from taking to the road alone with little practice. At present they can sit the driving test as soon as they turn 17, and some pass with 20 hours’ experience or less”. Under the proposed system, hours can be accrued with both instructors and, say, a family member before being recorded in an official logbook.

Drive4Life feel that this does not allow for pupils with different learning skills to progress. Also it open for abuse and fraudulent entries so pupil can reach 120 hour target. Depending if pupils lives a rural area or major city will also determine weather these hours are acceptable.


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